Payment and Refunds

There is a non-refundable fee of £5 per walk per person. Children under the age of 16 are welcome but must be accompanied by a responsible adult.

You can make multiple bookings on the one order.

Health and Safety

Taking part in the Walking Festival means that there are health and other risks. When you book, you are taking responsibility for these risks.

You will asked when making your booking to confirm that you are fit to undertake your walk. Please bear in mind the grading of the walk and your level of fitness. Dropping out of a walk is rarely possible and you should be able to complete the walk without holding your fellow walkers up.


We are very sorry, but dogs are not allowed on any walk unless stated otherwise.

Health Declaration

You understand that you should seek medical advice if you are in any doubt about your physical ability to take part in this(these) events(s).

Risk Declaration

You acknowledge that you are taking part in this activity entirely at your own risk and that the organiser(s) will in no way be liable for any claims that arise from this(these) event(s).